Thursday, July 28, 2016


We had fun with fractions today... making "Fairy Bread."

We each had our own bread, buttered it and added sprinkles (if we wanted).  In groups we took turns using the knives, the butter and the sprinkles.

Then we cut the bread in half.  We were very careful that when we cut it in half each piece was equal.

After cutting, we got to eat our very own Fairy Bread. We all agreed it was yummy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome back!

After a much needed winter break, we are back into the swing of school once more.  We have welcomed some new students from Harakeke and said goodbye to a few who are now in Ngaio.

We are reminding each other of our daily routines as well as trying new things.

Starting the term on a positive note - we remembered our efforts to fill the marble jar from last term when we all worked really hard as a collective group to make good choices like:

  • going to the mat straight after an activity without fuss and waiting calmly for others
  • sitting calmly on the mat showing interest and keeping hands to ourselves when the teachers are speaking.
  • making good choices such as doing our work independently during reading activities and tidying up when we have completed an activity.

  • Here we are after our play reward today "playing at the park"...

    Great to be out in the glorious winter weather!