Monday, June 12, 2017

Maths fun...

It was lovely to be back at school today and see all the children.
In my maths groups we were developing our algebraic thinking by creating our own repeating patterns.
We were making units of repeat. Some children decided to chose only two items, and then repeat them over and over. Others chose up to five items, and then repeated their pattern.
All of the kids were able to describe their pattern - great 'maths talk.'
Maybe you and your child could go on a patterns hunt through your house or on your way to school.

Later in the week Marlaina's maths group will swap with mine for a few days. Marlaina is looking at repeating patterns by translating (sliding), rotating (turning) and reflecting (flipping) shapes.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Deconstructing Clothing

Last week the students were given the opportunity to 'deconstruct' garments...

HOW TO DECONSTRUCT (undo / take apart) A GARMENT

We are learning how a garment is constructed

Work together in your inquiry group, to complete the follow steps:

1. Turn your garment inside out.  
2. Spread your garment flat on an even surface.
3. Look at the seams that hold your garment pieces together.
4. Select (choose) the first seam that you are going to cut.
5. With scissors, carefully cut along the seam line.
6. Continue until all seams are cut.

HINT: Keep your scissors close to the seam stitching so that you get a straight line on the edge of your garment piece.

The students drew simple diagrams to show how their garment changed after each cut.

After they completed the 'deconstruction'...the students explored how the pieces/parts of the original garment could be used/worn in different ways.

Learning is fun!

What are you wearing Lucy, Tawini and Archie? The next big things to adorn the catwalk perhaps?

Bella's outfit was inspired by an apron!

Did someone say ninjas?

Sylive could go into business with this cool style of headband.
What has landed on Isaac's head? Is it a bird, a, it's a new hat!

Ro made a wrist band!

Trip to the City Gallery

Last week Pohutukawa participated in an Art and Design Programme at the City Gallery, that directly responded to the Martino Gamper exhibition.

100 chairs, made in 100 days!

The activities were fun and engaging and can be applied to our inquiry learning. 

Rachel's Cultural Costumes

Thank you Rachel (Henry's neighbour) for sharing your beautiful cultural clothing with Pohutukawa. It was such a treat to be able to touch and feel the fabric.

...and we've finally made the peg dolls that you so kindly resourced. We'll post a photo of them all next week:)