Thursday, October 27, 2016


We know the names of a number of different shapes.  Today we looked at what made a shape that particular shape, we looked at triangles, squares, rectangles and so on.  Then we got creative and made pictures, patterns and shapes from shapes.

Getting Firewise!

We are "Getting Firewise" this term as part of our inquiry into "Keeping Ourselves Safe." We are learning how to be safe around fire which keeps us warm, helps us cook food and we use for light.  We know only adults should use matches and lighters, as these things are not toys.

We have found the fire alarms, the fire hose and the fire extinguishers in our class.  We are checking what we have at home too.

Today we practiced - What to do in a fire?  Many ideas were discussed...


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Buddy Reading!

Following on from last term, we continued our buddy work with Karaka.  We did PE last week and this week was reading time.

We read many books from our book box, our buddies listened and asked questions about the book we were reading...  We sat at tables, on the floor and moved around the Pohutukawa space. 

We love to share our learning with Karaka.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Today we had our first gymnastics session.  We had a really really good time!  Our teachers are Abe and Mark.  They taught us how to do these positions- pike, straddle and tuck.  On the ginormous air mat we had to run, bounce, do star jumps and monkey crawl - it was heaps of fun!!

Here are some photos of us in action...