Thursday, May 11, 2017

Singing in Sign (NZSL)

Every Wednesday Pohutukawa joins up with Harakeke to sing. The students have been learning a new song called Paradise...and learning the sign language to match!

Here's the link to the youtube video.

Sharing the Results!

On Monday, the students measured a rolling pin (disguised as a wooden spoon - ask your child about it!) using a variety of non-standard units. 

Yesterday, the students were asked to share their results with a buddy. 

Were your results the same?
Why? Why not?

They love to share...

 What's so funny Matthew? Is it Reuben's rolling pin? Or should I say...his wooden spoon?

And the measuring continues...

....this time, they measured themselves!

This was such a rich and engaging activity. The students especially enjoyed their silhouette being drawn by a buddy. They then helped each other choose a suitable unit to measure their length with.

Lots of fun!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Late last term, Pohutukawa begun exploring concepts of measurement. The students rotated around various stations where they were required to make an estimate (guess), before finding out how many:

  • spoonfuls of rice it takes to fill a mug
  • cupfuls of water it takes to fill a bucket
  • ladybird steps it takes to walk the width of the Astroturf 

This week back, we decided to continue with these...and go further with our thinking and learning.

  • How many giant steps will it take you to walk the length of the bottom Astroturf?
  • How many thumbprints will it take to cover an A6 piece of paper? 

  • How long is your hand (from the tip of your tallest finger, to the base of your hand)?
  • How long is your foot (from the tip of your tallest toes, to the base of your foot)?
In these activities the children were encouraged to measure their hand and foot, using a variety of different non-standard units (although not at the same time!). How many different units can you spot being used in the photos below?

Ask your child/children to tell you their results!

These activities are designed to give children experiences with measuring different things (different attributes such as capacity, area, length etc), using non-standard units (everyday objects). 

Noodle Tag!

We've begun Term 2 with a bang...or should I say noodle?

The students have been really enjoying daily fitness - after writing, and before mathematics. We'll aim to teach/learn a new game every week...that is inclusive and gets everyone moving!

This week we taught the six new students to Pohutukawa how to play Noodle Tag. Occasionally, even us teachers get involved:)

Ask you child/children how to play!